car insurance

Car Insurance

We have dozens of car insurance companies to choose from. You will get professional, unbiased service and a comprehensive car insurance policy suited to your personal needs and budget.

Frequently asked questions regarding Auto Insurance!  

We often get many questions regarding the laws about automobile Insurance so this will help clear up some questions you may have.

What Happens If I Don’t Carry Auto Insurance?

In Connecticut, it’s mandatory to have Proof of Insurance at all times. Lack of proof of Insurance when it’s requested may result in a fine or suspended license. With today’s technology, Gerardi can provide instant Proof of Insurance for Connecticut drivers.

Is minimum coverage always going to save money?

People often think that State minimum coverage will save them the most money.  This may not always be the case.  Speaking to a professional and explaining what your individual needs are always the best way to save money.  

What do I do?

I can’t find an Insurance Company to insure me. Gerardi has many companies that they work with so they can find options for you.

This may be a stupid question but…..

Insurance is too important for assumptions.  Please ask as many questions that you need to.  Don’t wait until it comes time to make a claim to ask about your coverage.  Ask first!